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Assessing the Impact of XML/EDI with Real Option Valuation

von Dr. Shermin Voshmgir

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[1.] Svr/Fragment 106 10 - Diskussion
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Seite: 106, Zeilen: 10-16
Quelle: Götz 1999
Seite(n): 679, 680, Zeilen: 679: 22 ff.; 680: 1 f.
Underlying assumption of this diffusion matrix is that adoption costs of XML/EDI are assumed to be falling over time. Diffusion is assumed to be sequential rather than simultaneous. There are two reasons for this assumption. Potential users of a new technology may differ in a way that the expected returns from adoption are different due to firm size, market share, R&D expenditure, etc. Differences in prior believes [sic] about the ‘true’ profitability of a new technology [may result in different expected benefits from adoption and therefore in distinct adoption dates.] Adoption costs are assumed to be falling over time. Diffusion, i.e., sequential rather than simultaneous adoption by individual firms, may result for two reasons.

(i) Rank effects: the potential users differ with respect to the (expected) returns from adoption. The reasons arc differences in firm size, R&D expenditures, market

[page 680]

shares (see Karshenas and Stoneman, 1993, 1995), or even the prior beliefs about the profitability of a new technology (see Jensen, 1982).

JENSEN, R. "Adoption and Diffusion of an Innovation of Uncertain Profitability," Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 27 (1982), pp. 182-193.

KARSHENAS, M. AND STOREMAN, P.L. "Rank, Stock, Order, and Epidemic Effects in the Diffusion of New Process Technologies: An Empirical Model", RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 24 (1993), pp. 503-528.

______ AND ______ "Technological Diffusion." In P. Stoneman, ed., Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change. Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell, 1995.


The source is not given.

Two pages earlier there is a reference to Götz (1996), however there is no entry in the reference list for such a paper.

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