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Executive Summary

This report is about documented plagiarism found in a dissertation published in 2020. The dissertation was submitted for the Doctoral Program in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, by Sabine Abbasi. It was supervised by doc. Ing. Helena Chládková, Ph.D. It is freely available online as a PDF.

This report is the 212th documentation published by VroniPlag Wiki and is based on the findings of a collaborative, manual plagiarism analysis as of 2021-07-13. It is not the result of a commercial or software-based analysis.

The investigation has documented very extensive plagiarism in the thesis. 73.7 % of the pages of the main text contain plagiarized passages. They extend from the introduction to the discussion chapter. These passages are taken from 20 sources, which are all available online. The top source, which is both exploited as the basic structure for the thesis and is source for numerous, extensive passages and illustrations, is a master's thesis that was submitted to the SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University in Riedlingen. Other sources include the Wikipedia, two bachelor's theses and open access publications.

The dissertation is characterised by the extensive use of translation plagiarism. Most of the translations are without attribution and are taken from a single German-language source, a master's thesis. These passages are supplemented by additional translations (mostly without attribution), which are taken almost exclusively from German-language sources, to form a relatively slipshod mixture. This same pattern is also found in articles published by Sabine Abbasi. To illustrate this, plagiarism analyses of two articles authored by Sabine Abbasi are also included in the report.

The current state of the findings and additional information can be found on the pages

This document contains a visualization of the pages that contain plagiarism (barcode), an overview of the thesis structure, a discussion of the most prominent findings and sources, a tabular representation of the sources and the plagiarized passages, a listing of the fragments in page order, and bibliographic details of the potential sources identified.