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Investigative Data Mining: Mathematical Models for Analyzing, Visualizing and Destabilizing Terrorist Networks

von Nasrullah Memon

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[1.] Nm/Fragment 021 01 - Diskussion
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Graf Isolan
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[For example, arrest of central members in a network may affect the operation of a network and put a] terrorist organization out of action (Baker, W. E., Faulkner R. R., 1993; McAndrew, D., 1999; Sparrow, M. K., 1991). Subgroups and interaction patterns between groups are helpful in detecting overall structure of a network (Evan, W. M., 1972; Ronfeldt, D., Arquilla, J., 2001). [For exam]ple, removal of central members in a network may effectively upset the operational network and put a criminal enterprise out of action [3, 17, 21]. Subgroups and interaction patterns between groups are helpful for finding a network’s overall structure, which often reveals points of vulnerability [9, 19].

[EN 3] Baker, W. E., Faulkner R. R.: The social organization of conspiracy: illegal networks in the heavy electrical equipment industry. American Sociological Review, Vol. 58, No. 12. (1993) 837–860.

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[EN 19] Ronfeldt, D., Arquilla, J.: What next for networks and netwars? In: Arquilla, J., Ronfeldt, D. (eds.): Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy. Rand Press, (2001).


Content, references and a number of formulations are identical though the source refers to criminals, Nm to terrorists. This section also appears at Nm/Fragment 095 01.

(Graf Isolan), Bummelchen

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